Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Rescuers

When we started watching, I couldn't really remember this movie very much at all.  However, as it went on, I started recalling all sorts of small details and realized that I actually did remember a lot of it.  Overall I would say that it was all right, certainly not one of my favorites. Jason, however, didn't really like it, and said it was his least favorite out of all the Disney movies we've watched so far.

Probably my favorite thing about it was the adorable little romance between Bernard and Bianca.  They have fun personalities, though it's not obvious why she would ever be so attracted to a mouse like him.  I personally found the story line to be interesting and it kept my attention, which I appreciate.  Maybe not a stellar film, but it was all right.

Jason, however, did not like it.  He felt the plot was disorganized, the transitions were lacking, and there were things that didn't make sense.  He also didn't like or identify with any of the characters, which he found static and uninteresting.  He called the whole thing "way too absurd."

Here's a fun fact about this film: apparently in the film's original release, as well as all released editions until 1999, there's an extremely brief shot of a naked woman.  It's during the scene where Bernard and Bianca are riding on the bird's back, and it takes place in one of the windows behind them.  No one really knows how it got there, but it's pretty obvious that it's a result of someone that worked there tampering with the film.  It's been removed in subsequent editions.  However, my copy is pretty old, so maybe it's still there!

The Music
There are a few songs in this one, such as the opening song and a song sung by Penny.  However, the music in this film sounded, to me, very dated.  And not in a good, classic way either.  It was just old and somewhat boring.

The Villain
The one thing this movie does have going for it is a decent villain.  Her name is Medusa, and she just looks hideous.  Ew, if you have that sort of a body, you should not be wearing a little red dress like that.  She was awfully lumpy.  Looks aside, she's also obviously deranged, and cruel to this little girl.  She is clearly motivated by greed.  However, it's her sheer stupidity and probably pride that end up being her downfall.  She could have gotten away with the diamond, if only she didn't insist on keeping it in that teddy bear.  If she had just given teddy her bear back, she would have gotten everything that she wanted.  Pretty dumb.

The WDW Connection
None really that I know of.  Let me know if you find any!

Becky's rating:  7 out of 10
Jason's rating:  5 out of 10


  1. For some reason I remember very little about this movie, but have always remembered The Rescuers Down Under pretty well. I guess just because it came out later or something? Anyway, that scene with the topless girl in the window is actually on under their Disney urban legends section, pretty funny.

  2. OMG - you young people have no souls. To this day, "Someone's Waiting For You" STILL brings a tear to my eye...

    And I LOVED Evinrude...

    ah... memories.